Our Services

We develop insights that our clients can act on; different strategies required and practical actions depending on the situation. KCT’s motto is responsibility and providing every client with the best advice and information, or making any purchases required by our clients  and importing them on time.


At Kawano Consulting and Trading (KCT) we are committed to serving you, our client. Our main focus revolves around your needs and how to meet them by taking action and providing all the information you require to set up your company. We specialize in advising companies that want to start a business in Honduras or carry out projects here.


We export Honduran gourmet coffee to other countries such as Japan, Shanghai, South Korea and Taiwan.

We import and distribute Japanese medical equipment and other industrial products such as lifts from Australia, Toshiba transformers, American products; or any products that our clients request from us.  Our goal is find  any products requested, import them, and deliver them on time, be it nationwide or internationally.


Translations and Interpretations in English, Spanish and Japanese

Online marketing

We carry out from Branding Strategies to Campaign Segmentations and Website Development.

We have experience with:

  1. Consulting work for revising and checking the condition of infrastructure of hospitals and clinics.
  2. Revising and taking inventory of Medical equipment donated to hospitals and clinics and making recommendations.
  3. Purchasing products from other countries for different companies. Whatever their needs may be, we do our best to import the best products on time.
  4. Preparing tender documents for Projects.
  5. Translation of documents from English to Spanish and Spanish to English.
  6. Interpreting services.
  7. Providing any and all the information our clients require to begin business in Honduras.
  8. Consulting Services for marketing and financing in Honduras.
  9. Appraisal of projects feasibility, with a special expertise on environmental projects.
  10. We provide  new  branding identity for companies  or improvement on existing ones; this includes designing your company´s logo, letterhead, website, name card, and anything related to Advertising.